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nadaprod© is to be the first global distribution platform for the trading of indie artistic content.

it offers to independent artists, professional dealers, collectives and the public an easy way to promote, sell or purchase any kind of artistic content and derived products.


While the development of social media, readymade websites and online streaming has allowed millions of artists to gain visibility and traction, the access to global merchant platforms aiming at facilitating revenue stream keeps being complex and reserved to some happy few.

We aim to change that.

By offering a practical, safe and innovative solution, we plan to set-up the stage for a properly valued and monetized market currently left behind by the e-commerce.

Project vision

As a platform, nadaprod© acts as an intermediary between content providers (artists, collective structure and professional dealers) and customers.

It provides both a service and get remunerated through recurring fees, sales, and additional services.

nadaprod© aims at becoming the go-to tool for artists, labels, gallerist, collectives, to value their work online and generate revenue from it, and for customers the recognized marketplace to shop online.

The Business

Recurring fees

Monthly subscriptions from artists and collectives to enjoy the service. A range of different options will define each one’s price, from a starting free trial access to more expensive accesses, including brand promotion, community management graphic design and accounting assistance.

Sales fees (tbd)

  • A margin percentage of digital downloads
  • A margin percentage of physical object sold through the site (tbd with due delivery i/a)
  • A margin percentage on goodies sales

Additional fees

We plan to offer a basic service of self-promotion and direct access to customer. But we will also offer optional services for artists or collective that want to enhance their use of our service in order to grow their audience or facilitate their growth, such as goodies logistic, community management, accounting assistance, business cards, flyers etc.

One great product

As shown by the synthetic schemas and previous explanations, we use our time NOW to :

  • Set-up the company (legal residency, affiliation to the RUT + legal status of the company)
  • Finalize the legal frame with standard contracts and terms of use
  • Finalize the platform front office
  • Set-up strategic partnerships (goodies providers, streaming platforms...etc)
  • Define and implement our marketing policy
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